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Align Environment & Risk is a niche consultancy with an international focus. We help our clients implement successful global projects while improving the quality of environments and livelihoods, and building professional capacity in the places where we work.

Our primary focus is integrating our clients’ compliance with international standards and applicable national and for environmental and social management.

We work in oil and gas, mining, commercial agriculture and forestry, renewable energy, power generation and transmission, conservation, tourism, planning and infrastructure development sectors. 

Align is made up of a group of experienced environmental and social consultants with over 30 years of experience working across Africa, North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

We deploy lean, project-specific technical teams around the unique needs of each client and project so our clients get the solutions and service they need, without unnecessary administrative overhead.

Welcome from the Executive Director

"I am the founder and Executive Director of Align. A professional with ten years of international experience in environmental management, I established this company in order to connect global resources and good international practice principles to energy, infrastructure, food, and development projects in unconventional and remote operating environments. We are committed to finding efficient and practical approaches to improving the ecological, social, and financial sustainability of our clients’ projects. This commitment is matched by our emphasis on building capacity in the organizations, sectors, personnel, and environments in which we work.
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Carina Rumberger.


Our job is to make our clients’ projects easier to implement and simpler to manage. We offer innovative, practical solutions to environmental and social risk through specific, appropriate planning and management. We connect global clients and resources with local content and expertise on lean, project-specific teams. We do this by producing succinct, meaningful deliverables to international standards and in fluent professional English.


We plan and implement biodiversity surveys and reporting; environmental and social impact
assessment (EIA); feasibility studies and due diligence; Environmental and social baseline
studies; and health impact assessments.

We specialize in integrating compliance with IFC, FSC, SAN with national and local standards.

We also provide gap analysis and upgrading of projects plans, EIAs, and EMPs to meet
international standards.

Risk identification, analysis and management

Due diligence; it’s all about proper prior planning.

Particularly in emerging economies and remote locations, some of the greatest risks to the financial and operational success of any project present not from the usual technical and investment challenges, but from more unexpected places. Poverty and social license to operate; shifting socio-economic, regulatory, and political landscapes; sustainability, climate change, and environmental and biodiversity hot spots. These can all complicate international-standard project planning and implementation.

We offer an innovative approach to identifying, quantifying, qualifying, reducing and managing
environmental, regulatory, and social risks to promote project success and sustainability.

Stakeholder engagement planning and management

We conduct Due Diligence, and assist with Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment
planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

We also recruit, train, and mangae
community liaison personnel, and offer Resettlement Action Planning (RAP) services. 


Compliance with international lending requirements, such as the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards, World Bank’s Equator Principals, and European
Investment Bank’s Environmental and Social Principles and Standards, can overwhelm project budgets, planning and management.
Let us help to incorporate compliance with international standards in a practical, efficient, and project-appropriate manner.


We provide customized project planning and management, including capacity building and
compliance training and project auditing (ESMP, HSE, etc.). 

We provide dedicated environmental and social planning management and supervision to suit the particular needs of each project and client.


Incorporated in Tanzania, Kenya, and the United States, with a presence in South Africa, and a broad global network of vetted specialist consultants, our personnel have worked on projects in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Ghana, Namibia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Cameroon, South Sudan, Zambia, Australia, Poland, and across the Rocky Mountain, Southwest, Appalachian, and Mid-continent regions of North America.

Case Studies

Environmental & Social Compliance

Ngualla Rare Earths Mine, S.W. Tanzania.

Align’s filled the role of “owner’s engineer” in the environmental and social space for the greenfield Ngualla Project. Ngualla is a remote greenfield site being developed by Peak Resources with funding from the IFC and Appian. From 2014 through 2017, Align managed a local consulting firm to complete the regulatory EIA, upgraded the baseline surveys and EIA to comply with IFC (World Bank) standards, helped the client to manage and reduce environmental and social risk to the project, and recruited and trained local company personnel. Align is extremely pleased to have contributed to bringing a much-needed cleaner, sustainable source of rare earths to the global market..

Stakeholder Planning & Management

Cepsa E & P, Turkana County, Kenya.

During 2014 and 2015, Align was responsible for planning and implementing stakeholder engagement to IFC standards during seismic exploration in the uniquely complex operating environment of Northern Kenya Oil & Gas. During these two years, Block A did not experience harm to or evacuation of personnel, damage to property, delays, lost time, or stopped work due to social unrest or stakeholder issues. Align takes great pride in crafting tailored solutions to each project and client’s unique challenges without compromising on compliance with international performance standards for environmental and social sustainability, human rights, and accountability.


Helium One, Southern Tanzania.

Align is currently designing and implementing the comprehensive baseline studies, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Environmental and Social Management Plan to Tanzanian and international (IFC/WB) standards for Helium One. The project area of interest is several hundred square kilometers in the remote and rugged Rukwa Valley, part of the East African Rift Valley just east of Katavi National Park. Helium is a new mineral in the African extractives industry, and Helium One is a key supplier in a rapidly changing global market. Align is excited to be a partner on this innovative project.

Out teams' current and past projects also include:

•Environmental and Social Baseline Study for Helium production in Tanzania

•IFC Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for rare earth mineral mine in

•International Standard Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for Helium
production in Tanzania

•ESMP Upgrade to international Standards for onshore oil and gas exploration in a RAMSAR site
in Kilombero, Tanzania

•Environmental audits for commercial farms and agroforestry in Southern Tanzania (FSC and TZ

•Biophysical baseline study for E&P in Tanzania

•ES Risk Assessments of exploration blocks in Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Sudan

•Stakeholder engagement planning and management for upstream oil and gas exploration in
Northern Kenya

•Critical risk analysis for greenfield mining in South Africa

•Mining ESIA in Ethiopia

•Geospatial mapping in Ethiopia

•Industrial redevelopment EIA in Ghana

•ESMS for E&P, midstream, and downstream in Uganda

•Coalbed methane produced water management in the Rocky Mountains of North America and
Queensland Australia

•Industrial waste management in Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, and

•Environmental permitting for electric transmission lines in Utah, New Mexico, Colorado,
Arizona, and Wyoming

•EIAs for E&P in Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming

•Biophysical baseline studies for uranium mines in Wyoming and New Mexico

•Sustainability planning for mining in southern Africa

•Biophysical baseline study for mining in Malawi

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